Yousef F. Hekma

I am Media Technology Graduate from Universiti Utara Malaysia. I am a Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer and also Web Designer. I am currently living in Penang, Malaysia with my Malaysian wife. I am passionate about creative media overall, from designing posters all the way to capture moments of people. I have all the skills and equipments needed to create creative content no matter if it is a website, event, documentation or design.

What I Do


Cover any types of photography including weddings, graduations, corporate events and others. Deliver numerous of the best filtered and edited photos in short time to meet clients' demands.

Web Design

Design customized website according to the clients' needs and demand by using WordPress and Elementor. Experience to deliver websites to variety of clients background.


Provide variety of media trainings such as Photoshop, Multi-Camera Production and others including learning toolkit (PowerPoint slides, software download etc.) based on clients request.


Experience in sketching storyboard (pre-production), shooting videos (production), editing videos (post production). Full equipped with all the tools such as gimbal, drone, microphones, reflector, tripod and others.

Graphic Design

Experience to design any types of banner, logo, posters for advertisements and promotions for Media social and booth regardless the clients' background.

Live Streaming

Provide live streaming services in media social (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.) for forums and events using OBS Studio software.